Ibaraki Tsukasa

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  • Born: ?
  • Death: 1867/6/14 (7/15/1867)
  • Rank: Shinsengumi corporal (Gochô)
  • Other names: Nobutada, Yoshitada
  • Japanese: 茨木 司 (Ibaraki Tsukasa)

Ibaraki Tsukasa participated in the Sanjo Seisatsu Incident. He tried to join Goryo Eji but was refused. He asked Aizu han for permission to leave the Shinsengumi but was refused, so he commited Seppuku with Sano Shimenosuke, Tomikawa Juro and Nakamura Goro. His gravesite confirms this, stating that he committed suicide on 6/14/1867, however other sources state that he was actually killed by Ôishi Kuwajirô and others.


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