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Hitoyoshi han was an Edo period domain located in Higo province (modern-day Kumamoto prefecture) and ruled by the Sagara clan, who had held the territory since it was granted them by Shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo in 1198. Based at Hitoyoshi castle, the domain's official kokudaka stood at 22,000 koku.

The domain was located in the upper reaches of the Kumagawa, on a plains several ri in size, and was surrounded by mountains on all sides, making it easily defensible.

The placename "Numazu" which features in the popular kabuki play Igagoe Dôchû Sugoroku is said to refer to Hitoyoshi.

Lords of Hitoyoshi

  1. Sagara Nagatsune (aka Yorifusa)
  2. Sagara Yorihiro
  3. Sagara Yoritaka
  4. Sagara Yoritomi
  5. Sagara Nagaaki
  6. Sagara Nagaari
  7. Sagara Yorimine
  8. Sagara Yorihisa
  9. Sagara Akinaga
  10. Sagara Yorisada
  11. Sagara Tomimochi
  12. Sagara Nagahiro
  13. Sagara Yorinori
  14. Sagara Yoriyuki
  15. Sagara Nagatomi (d. 1855/10/15)
  16. Sagara Yorimoto (r. 1855-?)


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