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Himeji han was an Edo period domain based at Himeji castle in Harima province. Its ruling clan changed numerous times in the first half of the Edo period, but the Sakai clan then became and remained the lords of Himeji from 1749 onward.

The first Edo period lord of Himeji was Ikeda Terumasa, whose domain was rated at 520,000 koku. By the time of Honda Tadamasa becoming lord of Himeji in 1617, the domain had been downgraded to 250,000 koku, and by 1639, when Matsudaira Tadaaki was transferred there, to 180,000.

Sakai Tadazumi (1710-1772) was the first Sakai clan lord of Himeji,[1] being transferred there in 1749.

Lords of Himeji han

This list is incomplete.
  1. Ikeda Terumasa (1603-1613)
  2. Honda Tadamasa (1617-?)
  3. Matsudaira Tadaaki (1639-?)

Sakai clan

  1. Sakai Tadazumi (1749-?)
  2. ?
  3. Sakai Tadahiro (1790-1814)[2]


  1. Sakai Tadamitsu



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