Hasegawa Tohaku

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  • Birth: 1539
  • Death: 1610
  • Other name: Hôkyô
  • Distinction: Painter

Tôhaku was born at Nanao in Noto province. After painting a number of Buddhist-influenced works in his native Noto, he moved to Kyoto around 1571 and studied the Kanô school of painting. He produced a volume of work over the next 30 years and in 1603 was given the title Hôkyô. He died on March 20 1610.

"Portrait of Takeda Shingen"

Tôhaku's paintings were done in a number of styles, from his earlier buddhist efforts to his later, black-ink genpitsu tai productions. His most famous works include 'Picture of Pine Forest', 'Picture of Monkey in Dead Trees', and 'Picture of Flower and Trees'. Tôhaku is attributed with the "Portrait of Takeda Shingen" (which has long defined the popular perception of Shingen) but recently scholars have wondered if the subject of that work was in fact a Hatakeyama lord.