Hamada han

Hamada han was an Edo period feudal domain based at Hamada castle in Iwami province (today, Shimane prefecture).

The domain was first established in 1619, by Furuta Shigeharu, who was given that territory as his own, with a kokudaka of 57,000. The domain passed through the hands of the Matsudaira (Matsui) clan at 60,000 koku beginning in 1649, the Honda clan at 50,000 beginning in 1759, and the Matsudaira (Matsui) again at 50,400 (from 1769) before coming to be ruled from 1836 onwards by the Ochi Matsudaira clan, at 61,000 koku. In 1867, the Matsudaira were relocated to Tsuruta in Mimasaka province (today, Okayama prefecture), and so the domain was abolished even before the Meiji Restoration.

Hamada was one of six domains to regularly supply riverboats to the Ryukyuan embassies to Edo, along with five domains from the Inland Sea region and Kyushu.

Selected List of Lords of Hamada Domain


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