Chosokabe Chikakazu

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  • Birth: 1567?
  • Death: 1587
  • Other name: Kagawa Chikakazu
  • Japanese:長宗我部 親和(Chosokabe Chikakazu) or 香川 親和(Kagawa Chikakazu)

Chikakazu was the second son of Chôsokabe Motochika and in 1581 became the head of the Kagawa family, succeeding Kagawa Nobukage. He was given Amagiri castle in Sanuki province. When his elder brother Nobuchika was killed in 1586, Chikakazu was a potential heir to the Chosokabe house, and in fact Toyotomi Hideyoshi gave his approval for Chikakazu to be named as Motochika's successor. In the event, Motochika elected not to obey Hideyoshi in this and instead named his 4th son, Morichika, heir. Despondant and bitter, Chikakazu withdrew from active life and died the following year. Actually, one story goes that it was specifically because of Chikakazu's weak constitution that Motochika had him given to another house and not kept on as a possible heir.