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*Bingo Fukuyama han 備後福山藩
*Bingo Fukuyama han 備後福山藩
==Districts (郡)==
*Yasuna county 安那郡
*Yasuna district 安那郡
*Fukazu county 深津郡
*Fukazu district 深津郡
*Jinseki county 神石郡
*Jinseki district 神石郡
*Nuka county 奴可郡
*Nuka district 奴可郡
*Numakuma county 沼隈郡
*Numakuma district 沼隈郡
*Honji county 品治郡
*Honji district 品治郡
*Ashida county 葦田郡  
*Ashida district 葦田郡  
*Kônu county 甲奴郡
*Kônu district 甲奴郡
*Mikami county 三上郡
*Mikami district 三上郡
*Eso county 恵蘇郡
*Eso district 恵蘇郡
*Mitsugi county 御調郡
*Mitsugi district 御調郡
*Sera county 世羅郡  
*Sera district 世羅郡  
*Mitani county 三谿郡
*Mitani district 三谿郡
*Miyoshi county 三次郡
*Miyoshi district 三次郡

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Japanese:備後国(Bingo no kuni)

Present eastern half of Hiroshima prefecture.

Han in Bingo

  • Miyoshi han 三次藩
  • Bingo Fukuyama han 備後福山藩

Districts (郡)

  • Yasuna district 安那郡
  • Fukazu district 深津郡
  • Jinseki district 神石郡
  • Nuka district 奴可郡
  • Numakuma district 沼隈郡
  • Honji district 品治郡
  • Ashida district 葦田郡
  • Kônu district 甲奴郡
  • Mikami district 三上郡
  • Eso district 恵蘇郡
  • Mitsugi district 御調郡
  • Sera district 世羅郡
  • Mitani district 三谿郡
  • Miyoshi district 三次郡