Baioken Eishun

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  • Active: c. 1710-1755
  • Japanese: 永春 (Eishun)

Baiôken Eishun was an ukiyo-e painter and print artist of the Kaigetsudô school. He is also alternatively known as Hasegawa Eishun, Baiôken Nagaharu and a number of other art-names. He produced both hanging scroll full-color paintings typical of the Kaigetsudô style and mode, and a number of designs for illustrations for woodblock printed books.

Richard Lane describes Eishun's work as very similar to that of Matsuno Chikanobu, though the courtesans in his bijinga (paintings of beauties) are somewhat taller, slimmer, and more serious-looking. Eishun, along with Chikanobu, represents something of a revival of the Kaigetsudô school which fell into decline in the preceding decades following the exile of its founder, Kaigetsudô Ando, in 1714.


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