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Aragami - Raging God of Battle

  • Japan, 2003
  • Language: Japanese


Two gravely wounded Samurai are given refuge by a mysterious woman in a remote mountain temple. Only one Samurai survives, and awakes to find that he has been completely healed. He again meets the mysterious woman, and his host, a warrior who has traveled the world. Over a collection of various Western alcohols, the warrior reveals that he is an immortal demon who is tired of life and wants the Samurai to kill him in a battle to the death.

Osawa Takao as 'The Samurai'


  • Aragami: Kato Masaya
  • Samurai: Osawa Takao
  • Woman: Uotani Kanae
  • Samurai's Friend: Sakaki Hideo
  • Future Warrior: Sakaguchi Taku

Kato Masaya as 'Aragami'


  • Director: Kitamura Ryuhei
  • Screenplay: Kitamura Ryuhei
  • Music: Morino Nobuhiko
  • Cinematography: Furuya Takumi

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