Amakusa Hisatane

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Hisatane was a local power on Amakusa Island. He embraced Christianity and in contemporary Western accounts, he is ranked somewhat generously as a daimyô. In 1589, along with four others (including fellow Christians Oyano Shigemoto and Sumoto Shigemichi), Hisatane rebelled against his overlord, Konishi Yukinaga. Yukinaga dispatched Ijichi Bundayu with 3,000 men to Amakusa but Bundayu was killed and his army defeated. The following year, Yukinaga, along with Kato Kiyomasa, Arima Harunobu and others, attacked Amakusa and destroyed the rebellion with much slaughter of lives. Hisatane and his fellow rebels were dubbed the 'Amakusa Goninshuu'.