Akizuki Tanezane

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Tanezane was the 2nd son of Akizuki Fumatane, who was killed fighting the Ôtomo in 1557 (along with Tanezane's brother Harutane). At that time Akizuki retainers had spirited Tanezane into the the Môri domain. In 1559 he was established back at Akizuki castle by Môri Motonari but in 1569 was compelled to submit to the the Ôtomo, who were at that time at the height of their power. When the Ôtomo suffered their crushing defeat at the Battle of Mimigawa in 1569, Tanezane rebelled. He mounted a token resistance to Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invading troops in 1587 but submitted when Ganjaku and Akizuki castles were captured. He was afterwards given Takanabe in Hyûga Province, worth some 20,000 koku (1590). He had by then already taken the tonsure and now retired in favor of his son Tanenaga. He died on 11/16/1596.