Akiyama Nobutomo

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  • Born: 1526?
  • Died: 1575
  • Title: Hoki no Kami

Nobutomo held Takato castle in Shinano province for many years. He captured Iwamura for Shingen in 1572, taking the castle after its castellan, Tôyama Kagetô, died of illness. As part of the victor's spoils, Nobutomo took Oda Nobunaga's aunt as his wife (she being the widow of the late Kagetô). Also captured at Iwamura was Nobunaga’s small son, Katsunaga, who was sent as a hostage to Kai. Nobutomo resisted the Oda's attempts at recapturing Iwamura until 1575, when, following the Takeda defeat at Nagashino, Oda Nobutada arrived with a large army and surrounded the fort. Nobutada withdrew after a brief siege, but returned later that year and finally brought Iwamura down (see the Siege of Iwamura). Nobutomo was crucified by the Nagara river, and his holdings in Shinano passed to his eldest son Akiyama Katsuhisa (d. 1582)