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Meireki 2 (明暦二年)

Timeline of 1656

Other Events of 1656

  • A ban on Japanese exchanging correspondence with people overseas is rescinded.
  • Kumazawa Banzan is forced to resign from the service of Ikeda Mitsumasa.
  • A Russian embassy to Beijing insists on presenting diplomatic credentials to the Emperor himself, and not to functionaries. They are denied and return to Russia without a direct audience with the Emperor.
  • The Qing Court initiates a sea blockade in an effort to starve out Zheng Chenggong (Coxinga), a Ming loyalist based on Taiwan, but it is largely ineffective.
  • A yarô hyôbanki, a predecessor to yakusha hyôbanki (actor critiques), is first published.
  • Construction begins on the Shin-Yoshiwara, a new pleasure district further from the city center, to replace the original Yoshiwara.

Births and Deaths

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