From the Rokkaku-shi Shikimoku 1567


  • Taking and keeping the landholdings of others is the worst kind of unlawful act. Those who have taken the domains of others should return them immediately to the lawful proprietor. When such domains are not returned voluntarily, the Daimyô shall order their return. If an order of this kind is not complied with, he shall order his retainers to expel the offender by force. In such cases the retainers must act cooperatively together as a single group in aid of the Daimyô. Even though the offender may be someone with whom they have close ties, a relative, or someone whom it is difficult to ignore, retainers are forbidden to go to the aid of the lawbreaker. On the other hand, even if the one whose lands have been taken is disliked by the retainers, insofar as the Daimyô orders, they must put aside their resentment and cooperate fully and actively in chastising the offender.

  • It is forbidden for the Daimyô to hand down and enforce a judgment in a trial without a full enquiry or without allowing the defendants an opportunity to explain the circumstances…