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* ''Birth: [[1576]]''
* ''Death: [[1613]]''
* ''Distinction: [[Toyotomi clan|Toyotomi]] retainer''
* ''Other names: Asano Yoshinaga''

Yukinaga was the eldest son of [[Asano Nagamasa]] and inherited his domain in [[Kai province|Kai]]. He first saw military service in the Odawara Campaign and later fought at the Seige of Ulsan alongside [[Kato Kiyomasa]] and his father. Thanks to the help of [[Maeda Toshiie]], he narrowly avoided being implicated in the [[Toyotomi Hidetsugu]] scandal of [[1595]]. He and his father supported [[Tokugawa Ieyasu]] in [[1600]] and he personally commanded 6,500 men at [[Sekigahara Campaign|Sekigahara]] (1600). Soon after the [[Tokugawa clan|Tokugawa]] victory he was given Wakayama in [[Wakasa province]]. He died childless and was succeeded by his younger brother [[Asano Nagaakira|Nagaakira]]. His sudden death was thought sufficiently odd to prompt suspicions that Ieyasu had had a hand in it.

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