Kono Michinao (d.1572)

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  • Death: 1572
  • Title: Danjô-shôsuke

Michinao was the son of Kôno Michihisa and became the head of the Kôno in 1519. He suffered the revolt of a number of retainers in 1523 and 1530 and in 1539 an attack by Hosokawa Harumoto. Michinao's difficulties continued with two Ôuchi attacks on Iyo's coastal areas in 1541 (Ômishima) and 1544 (Kutsunashima), though these were also repulsed. He apparently considered turning over the leadership of the Kôno to a relative (Kôno Naomasa) but abandoned this idea when his retainers began to fight amongst themselves. He died of illness in September 1572. Michinao was known to have had some skill with waka poetry.