Zhang Zhong

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  • Chinese: (Zhāng Zhōng)

Zhang Zhong was a Chinese sailor who came into the service of several Japanese Sengoku period daimyô.

He drifted ashore at Hirado with two ships and a crew of a hundred men, and five horses, and was quickly apprehended by the Matsura clan lords of Hirado. He later entered the service of Ôuchi Yoshitaka of Nagato province, where he was granted a house and served the Ôuchi as court physician and military advisor. He simultaneously came to serve Môri Motonari in the same capacities.

In 1595, Zhang's son Rokuzaemon was granted a stipend of 2,800 koku. Rokuzaemon was later convicted of a crime and committed suicide, but his two sons, with 200 koku each, continued the family line.


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