Wakisaka Yasuori

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  • Titles: sôjaban, Awaji no kami
  • Japanese: 脇坂 安宅 (Wakisaka Yasuori, Wakizaka Yasuori)

Wakisaka or Wakizaka Yasuori was a late Edo period lord of Tatsuno han and prominent Tokugawa shogunate official.

He served as Jisha bugyô (Temples & Shrines Magistrate) until 1851/12/21, when he was reassigned to the post of Kyoto shoshidai; he remained in the latter post until 1857/8/11, when he was named to the rôjû.

Yasuori was dismissed from his position as rôjû on 1860/11/29.[1]

Preceded by:
Naitô Nobuchika
Kyoto shoshidai
Succeeded by:
Honda Tadamoto


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