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Tokumon.jpg This user is an
Emperor task force.jpg This user is a member of the
Emperors of Japan Task Force.
Study.png This user has
studied in Japan.
Gaijin.png This User
has been personally called a
on numerous occasions.
Anti-koku.png This user finds
counting rice
not terribly engaging.
Moviesp.png This user specializes in
Samurai movies and Jidaigeki.
Ancientsp.png This user is interested in
Ancient Japan.
Nihongolevel2.png This user has an
Intermediate knowledge of Japanese.

Nagaeyari's interest lie in pre-modern Japanese history, with a focus on ancient Japanese relations with China and Korea.

He can be contacted 1) via this wiki 2) via the Samurai Archives Citadel 3) via AIM: nagaeyari15 4) or via email:

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