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== Wiki Links ==
== Wiki Links ==
* [[Special:Log]]
* [[Special:Statistics]]
* [[Special:Allmessages]]
* [[Special:Version]]
* [[Special:Upload]]

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Tokumon.jpg This user is an
Anti-koku.png This user finds
counting rice
not terribly engaging.

Page layout designer and tech guru.

I'm probably the least knowledgeable person around history-wise, but if something goes horribly awry with with the code, I'm the one to bug about it.

Possibly Interesting Stuff

As far as what little involvement I do have with anything remotely related to the subject goes, those who enjoy strategy or board games and historical role-playing may find something of interest in one of my projects, Katchi Madé.

Don't like the crappy Romanization? Blame Nate. ;)

Who ya gonna call?

I don't generally look here unless I'm fixing something, so if something needs my attention, you'd be better off sending me a private message on the forum rather than posting to my talk page.

Wiki Links