Uemura Masakatsu (1535-1592)

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  • Born: 1535
  • Died: 1592
  • Title: Shinrokuro
  • Japanese: 植村政勝 (Uemura Masakatsu)

Masakatsu served Tokugawa Ieyasu in his infancy and onward, though he briefly sided with the rioting Mikawa monto in 1565. He lost his lands around the time of the Odawara Campaign, it is said, for his open dislike of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. His son (?) Iemasa became a page to Tokugawa Hidetada in 1599 and in 1608 was made a commander of ashigaru. Iemasa served notably at the Seiges of Osaka castle and in 1640 was made a Daimyô at Takatori han with an income of 25,000 koku.