Tokugawa Ieshige

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The grave of Tokugawa Ieshige at Zôjô-ji
  • Born: 1711
  • Died: 1761
  • Reign as Shogun: 1745-1760
  • Other Names: 惇信院 (Junshin-in)
  • Japanese: 徳川家重 (Tokugawa Ieshige)

Tokugawa Ieshige was the eldest son of Tokugawa Yoshimune, and succeeded Yoshimune to become the ninth Tokugawa shogun in 1745. He stepped down in favor of his eldest son, Tokugawa Ieharu, on 1760/5/13[1], and died the following year.

Ieshige has been described by Conrad Totman as "a tragic wreck of a man, suffering from a crippled body, hopeless alcoholism, and a speech defect which left him incoherent."[2]

He became shogun on 1745/11/2, after his father Yoshimune officially stepped down roughly a month earlier, on 9/25.

Ieshige was succeeded as shogun by his eldest son, Tokugawa Ieharu. A younger son, Tokugawa Shigeyoshi, founded the branch Shimizu Tokugawa clan.

Preceded by:
Tokugawa Yoshimune
Tokugawa Shogun
Succeeded by:
Tokugawa Ieharu


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  1. Ieharu officially became shogun some months later, on 9/2.
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