Tokugawa Ieharu

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Tokugawa Ieharu was the 10th shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate.

The third son of Tokugawa Ieshige, he became shogunal heir as a result of his two elder brothers being adopted into other families. He was officially named shogun on 1760/9/2, following his father's abdication on 1760/5/13.

Following his death on 1786/9/8, Ieharu was entombed at the Tokugawa clan temple of Kan'ei-ji; his tomb still survives there today, though a number of other shogunal mausolea were destroyed in World War II.

Ieharu was succeeded by Tokugawa Ienari, a member of the Hitotsubashi Tokugawa clan.

Preceded by:
Tokugawa Ieshige
Tokugawa Shogun
Succeeded by:
Tokugawa Ienari


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