Sue Harukata

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Harukata was the second son of the noted Ôuchi general Sue Okifusa. He became Ôuchi Yoshitaka's chief general and led troops to lift the Amako's siege of Môri Motonari's Koriyama castle in 1540. He also commanded troops in the abortive Ôuchi attempt to bring down Gassan-Toda in 1541-42 and afterwards endeavored to restore his lord's faltering martial spirit. In addition to his military duties, Harukata also assisted Yoshitaka in a number of land surveys (Suô (1540), and Aki (1550)). After making various remonstrations to his lord, he finally rebelled in 1551 and drove Yoshitaka to commit suicide, afterwards ruling the Ôuchi lands through Ôuchi Yoshinaga. He was compelled to chastise a number of rebellious Ôuchi retainers. He came to war with Môri Motonari and in 1554 began to attack his outlying castles. He was tricked into ordering the execution of Ôuchi retainer Era Fusahide and in 1555 was lured with his army to Miyajima, where he was trapped and killed along with his son, Nagafusa.