Satomi clan

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  • Japanese: 里見氏 (Satomi-shi)

The Satomi family of Awa province claimed descent from Nitta Yoshishige (d. 1202), whose son Yoshitoshi took 'Satomi' as his surname. The Satomi moved from Kôzuke province to Awa in the mid-15th century, and remained there into the Edo Period. During the Sengoku period, the Satomi were forced to submit to the overlordship of Hôjô Ujitsuna in 1539. The remainder of the period saw the clan battle the Hôjô, Takeda, and Imagawa clans on a number of occasions.

The clan's holdings amounted to 120,000 koku at the beginning of the Edo period, but the clan died out in 1622.

Members of the Abe clan


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