Okubo Tadahiro

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  • Titles: Ise no kami
  • Japanese: 大久保 忠寛 (Ookubo Tadahiro)

Ôkubo Tadahiro was a Tokugawa shogunate official who served in several bugyô (Magistrate) positions in the Bakumatsu period.

After serving as Nagasaki bugyô for a time in 1857, he was then named kinrizuki (a shogunate official attached to the imperial court) until 1859, when he was reassigned to the position of Kyoto machi bugyô.[1] Toward the end of the 8th month of 1859, he was dismissed from the position of Nishinomaru rusui amidst the dismissal and (in some cases) house confinement of a number of prominent officials associated with foreign affairs.[2]


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