Naito Masatoyo

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  • Born: 1522
  • Died: 1575
  • Title: Shuri no Suke

Masatoyo was one of Takeda Shingen's most reliable generals and fought in many of his battles (including the fourth battle of Kawanakajima (1561), the Minowa (1566), and the battle of Mimasetoge (1569)). He was given Minowa castle in 1566. Later, at the Mikatagahara, he distinguished himself by leading a charge into the Tokugawa ranks. He was at the forefront of the fighting at the Nagashino (1575) and was shot many times by arrows before being beheaded by Asahina Yasukatsu. Oddly, the Koyo Gunkan records that Masatoyo was never given a special commendation for his services - and some have suggested that he opposed Shingen's handling of the 1565 Takeda Yoshinobu affair. He was recorded as having 250 calvalry under his command.