Nagai Naoyuki

  • Titles: Iwanojô, Genba no kami
  • Japanese: 永井 尚志 (Nagai Naoyuki)

Nagai Naoyuki was a Tokugawa shogunate official who played a notable role in coastal defense in the early 1850s.

Elevated from kachi-gashira to metsuke in 1853, Nagai was assigned to the guard stations at Edo Bay the following year. On 1854/1/22, he was named kaibô kakari (official in charge of coastal defense). On 4/5 that same year, he was re-assigned to Nagasaki; a year later, on 1855/4/10, Asano Ichigaku was assigned to take his place in Nagasaki.[1]

Naoyuki continued to play a prominent role in foreign relations matters; in 1857, he was assigned to help oversee preparations for the visit of US consul general Townsend Harris to Edo.[2] At the end of that year, on 1857/12/3, Naoyuki was named kanjô bugyô, replacing Mizuno Tadanori.[3]

Naoyuki was named Gaikoku bugyô (Foreign Affairs Magistrate) in 1858, but was then reassigned to the new position of Gunkan bugyô (Warships Magistrate) the following year.[4] Later that same year, he was dismissed from his position and sentenced to house confinement amidst the dismissal and house confinement of a number of prominent officials associated with foreign affairs.[5]


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