Matsudaira Chikayoshi (1632-1717)

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  • Born: 1632/9/28
  • Died: 1717/9/19
  • Japanese: 松平近栄 (Matsudaira Chikayoshi)

Matsudaira Chikayoshi was a member of the Echizen Matsudaira clan, and the first Edo period daimyô of Hirose han in Izumo province.

The second son of Matsudaira Naomasa, lord of Matsue han, Chikayoshi received a 30,000 koku domain from his elder brother Matsudaira Tsunataka in 1666, marking the establishment of Hirose han. In 1682, as a result of the Echigo succession dispute, Chikayoshi had his domain reduced by half. It was restored, however, in 1694.

Chikayoshi died on 1717/9/19, at the age of 86.