Konoe Tadahiro

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  • Japanese: 近衛 忠煕 (Konoe Tadahiro)

Konoe Tadahiro was a late Edo period court noble, known for his close relationships with the Shimazu clan and other notable houses. He held the title of Naidaijin until 1847, when he was named Udaijin; he was then named Sadaijin in 1857.[1] Tadahiro was dismissed from the position of Sadaijin two years later, in 1859.[2] He was then granted permission to take the tonsure (becoming a Buddhist monk in his retirement) and was sentenced to house confinement;[3] Tadahiro was released from house confinement at the end of that year, but was still barred from attendance at court.[4]

Tadahiro married Iku-hime, a daughter of Shimazu Narioki. Their biological daughters included Tadako, who was later married to Tsugaru Tsuguakira. His adopted daughters included both Konoe Tomoko (Tsuna-hime), a daughter of Takatsukasa Masahiro who later married Date Yoshikuni (lord of Sendai han),[5] and Atsu-hime, a daughter of Shimazu Tadatake who married Shogun Tokugawa Iesada.[6]

Another of his daughters, Konoe Toyoko (Kannyo-in), married Tokugawa Narikatsu of Wakayama han and became an adoptive mother to Tokugawa Yoshitomi (who later became shogun Iemochi).[7] Yet another, Konoe Isoko, became head of the Hokke-ji nunnery in Nara.[8]


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