Kitabatake Tomonori

Tomonori was the son of Kitabatake Harutomo (d.1563) and ruled from Anotsu castle. He found himself faced with strife within his own domain and was compelled to ward off an invasion by the Miyoshi clan in 1566. He was then threatened by Oda Nobunaga in 1569. The Oda invaded Ise in the late fall of that year and surrounded Anotsu in the 10th month. Although Tomomori’s retainer Toriyao Iwami no kami had prepared supplies in advance to withstand a siege, Tomomori had suffered the defection of his younger brother, Kotsukuri Tomomasa. Tomomori elected to submit and as part of the treaty agreement he was complelled to accept Nobunaga's 2nd son (Oda Nobuo) as heir. He became a monk and died in the 11th month of 1576, quite possibly assassinated by his own retainers. The fate of his son Tomofusa is unclear, but three sons died with him in 1576 while another, Chikanari, was killed fighting Oda forces in 1569.