Kin Chotei

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  • Born: 1600
  • Died: 1663
  • Titles: 金武王子 (Prince Kin)
  • Other Names: (Shou Sei)
  • Japanese: 金武朝貞 (Kin Choutei)

Kin Chôtei was a younger brother of King Shô Hô of the Ryûkyû Kingdom. Bearing the title of Prince Kin, and the Chinese-style name Shô Sei, he served as sessei under Shô Hô and Shô Shitsu.

Chôtei was the fifth son of Shô Kyû, who was in turn the third son of King Shô Gen.

In 1629, he traveled to Kagoshima to be reaffirmed in his lands. In 1634, he traveled to Kagoshima again, this time as nentôshi (New Year's Envoy), and ended up accompanying his nephew, Prince Sashiki Chôeki, and son Kin Chôshû, to meet with Shimazu Iehisa and Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu in Kyoto.[1]


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