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(Created page with "*''Born: 1852'' *''Died: 1934'' *''Japanese'': 川村 清雄 ''(Kawamura Kiyoo)'' Kawamura Kiyoo was a ''yôga'' (Western-style) painter of the Meiji perio...")
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[[File:Katsu-portrait.jpg|right|thumb|400px|Portrait of [[Katsu Kaishu|Katsu Kaishû]] departing [[Edo castle]]. [[1885]].]]
*''Born: [[1852]]''
*''Born: [[1852]]''
*''Died: 1934''
*''Died: 1934''

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Portrait of Katsu Kaishû departing Edo castle. 1885.
  • Born: 1852
  • Died: 1934
  • Japanese: 川村 清雄 (Kawamura Kiyoo)

Kawamura Kiyoo was a yôga (Western-style) painter of the Meiji period. He is perhaps most well-known for a portrait he painted in 1885 of Katsu Kaishû departing Edo castle in 1868 after successfully convincing the Tokugawa shogunate to turn the castle over peacefully to imperial forces.


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