Kawajiri Hidetaka

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  • Birth: 1527?
  • Death: 1582
  • Other name: Kawajiri Shigeyoshi
  • Distinction: Oda retainer

Hidetaka was a long-time retainer of the Oda family, first serving Oda Nobuhide, then Oda Nobunaga. A veteran of Azukizaka, he accompanied Ikeda Nobuteru in 1557 Suemori castle to destroy Oda Nobuyuki. He went on to fight in such battles as Okehazama (1560), and at Iwamura in 1575, where Oda Nobutada led a siege that brought down the Takeda's foothold in Mino province. After the fall of the Takeda in the Spring of 1582, Hidetaka was given Fuchu in Kai and the governorship of that province, as well as some land in Shinano province. Following Nobunaga's death in 6/1582, the people of Kai rose up against Hidetaka and he was killed attempting to flee the province.