Kano Washio

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  • Birth: 1839/11/9
  • Death: 1902/10/27
  • Rank: Shinsengumi corporal (Gochô)
  • Other names: Kanô Michinosuke (加納 道之助), Kanô Michihiro
  • Japanese: 加納 鷲雄 (Kanou Washio)

Kanô was a Samurai from Izu province who joined the Shinsengumi in 1864 with Ito Kashitaro. In 1867, he separated from the Shinsengumi and joined Goryo Eji. He was able to escape from the Incident at Aburano Koji and later he assaulted Kondo Isami on the Fushimi street with Shinohara Tainoshin. He fought against the Bakufu troops under Satsuma han during the Boshin war. After the Meiji Restoration, he worked to develope Hokkaido.

When Okubo Yamato was captured and brought to Itabashi, Kanô revealed the man was Kondo Isami to the authorities.


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