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*Kimisawa county 君沢郡  
*Kimisawa county 君沢郡  
*Tagata county 田方郡
*Tagata county 田方郡

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Japanese:伊豆国(Izu no kuni) or 豆州(Zushu)

Present Izu peninsula and Is islands.

Han in Izu

Most of Izu province was Bakufu's direct controled territory. Other parts were owned by Odawara han(Sagami province),Numazu han(Suruga province),Kakegawa han(Totomi province)


  • Naka county 那賀郡
  • Kamo county 賀茂郡
  • Kimisawa county 君沢郡
  • Tagata county 田方郡