Ijuin Tadamune

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  • Death: 1599
  • Title: Uemon daibu
  • Other name: Ijuin Kôgan
  • Distinction: Shimazu retainer
  • Japanese: 伊集院忠棟 (Ijuuin Tadamune)

Ijûin Tadamune was the son of Ijûin Tadaao and a Shimazu karô who served in many of Shimazu Yoshihisa's campaigns and battles, including the 1578 battle of Mimigawa.

He began as a musician, and was promoted to Elder (rôjû) in 1566. He fought for the Shimazu in the conquest of Higo province, and in the 1584 battle of Okitanawate.

During Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invasion of Kyushu in 1587, Tadamune and Shimazu Iehisa were the first in Hyûga province to submit to Hideyoshi's authority. Tadamune ended up assisting in negotiations between Hideyoshi and the Shimazu. He impressed Hideyoshi and was granted territory of his own in Ôsumi. Already holding a position of privilege even among the Shimazu Elders, he was granted special position among Hideyoshi's vassals as well. Tadamune also developed a close relationship with Ishida Mitsunari. In 1595, he worked under Mitsunari in administering Hideyoshi's land survey within Shimazu territory. Once this was completed, Tadamune was transferred from Koyama to an 80,000 koku fief at Miyakonojô. He then led over 2,000 men in Hideyoshi's second invasion of Korea (1597-98). However, following Hideyoshi's death, he was summoned on 1599/4/4 to Shimazu Tadatsune's mansion, where he was murdered.