Ichijo Kanesada

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Kanesada was a son of Ichijô Fusamoto (1520-1549). He was an unpopular lord and lost the support of a number of his important retainers. He was attacked by his erstwhile vassal Chosokabe Motochika in 1574 and in 1575 was forced to flee to Bungo province, where he took up shelter with Ôtomo Sorin, whose daughter was Kanesada's mother. Kanesada became a Christian and attempted to reclaim his lands with the assistance of the Ôtomo. He failed and was exiled to an island off the coast of Iyo province (Kojima). Motochika allowed him to stay there after the Chosokabe took Iyo, but is thought to have had a hand in his death in 1585. Many stories of cruelty on Kanesada's part circulated in his day, which some scholars attribute in part to Chosokabe propaganda.