Honryu-ji (Kagoshima)

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  • Japanese: 本立寺 (honryuu ji)

Honryû-ji was a Buddhist temple in Kagoshima where the first five heads of the Shimazu clan were buried. Today, only a small portion of the temple grounds (including the Shimazu graves) survives.

A branch temple of the Ji sect temple Jôkômyô-ji, it was originally known as Godô-in, a reference to the five lords buried there.[1] Graves for these five lords can also be found at Kannô-ji, a temple in Izumi City, Kagoshima prefecture. The Godô-in temple was renamed Honryû-ji during the time of the 19th clan head, Shimazu Mitsuhisa, and was expanded under the 18th (Shimazu Iehisa), 20th (Shimazu Tsunataka), and 21st (Shimazu Yoshitaka).


  1. The five all bore Buddhist posthumous names including the character 道 ().