Hojo Nagatsuna

  • Birth: 1493?
  • Death: 1589
  • Other name: Hôjô Gen'an
  • Distinction: Hôjô retainer

Nagatsuna was the 3rd son of Hôjô Sôun and was a long-time pillar of the Hôjô house. He was schooled in Kyoto and became known for his cultural pursuits and penchant for study. In 1569 he lost his eldest son Shinzaburô Tsunashige and his second son Nagatoshi in battle with Takeda Shingen. To console him, Hôjô Ujiyasu briefly gave Nagatsuna (who is better known as Gen'an) his own 7th son, Ujihide, to adopt. Nagatsuna acted as a clan councilor into the rule of Hôjô Ujinao. He was also noted for his skill at the hand drum and flute as well as bow and arrow and horsemanship - and for being possibly the longest-lived sengoku warrior. He was remembered as cutting a distinctive figure in later years by his wearing of black kimonos. Since Ujihide was chosen to be adopted into the Uesugi family, Nagatsuna was succeeded by his grandson Ujitaka. He died on 12/8/1589. Sons: Tsunashige (Shinzaburô;d.1569), Nagatoshi (d.1569)