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Hiroshima han was established with Fukushima Masanori as its daimyō (feudal lord), following the battle of Sekigahara and the expulsion of Môri Terumoto, the previous lord, from the territory. However, nineteen years later, Hiroshima castle suffered extensive flood damage and Fukushima repaired it in violation of the Tokugawa shogunate's laws on the construction and repair of castles (see buke shohatto). The shogunate then ordered Fukushima to Kawanakajima han, and awarded Hiroshima to the Asano clan, who ruled it for the remainder of the Edo period, the domain being dismantled along with all the others in 1871.

Daimyô of Hiroshima

  1. Môri Terumoto (1591-1600)[1]; 1,120,000 koku
  2. Fukushima Masanori (1600-1619); 498,223 koku
  3. Asano Nagaakira (1619-1632); 426,500 koku[2]
  4. Asano Mitsuakira (1632-1672)
  5. Asano Tsunaakira (1672-1673)
  6. Asano Tsunanaga (1673-1708)
  7. Asano Yoshinaga (1708-1752)
  8. Asano Munetsune (1752-1763)
  9. Asano Shigeakira (1763-1799)
  10. Asano Narikata (1799-1830)
  11. Asano Naritaka (1831-1858)
  12. Asano Yoshiteru (1858-1858)
  13. Asano Nagamichi (1858-1869)
  14. Asano Nagakoto (1869-1869)

  1. The years listed are those in which the lord occupied Hiroshima castle, not the years of his life.
  2. All of the lords after Asano Nagaakira enjoyed the same 426,500 koku.


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  • Hiroshima Castle tourist brochure obtained at the castle.