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This is the format for biographies on the SamuraiWiki.

Biographic summary information

Information goes on the top of the page, before the actual biography:

* ''Born: [[1534]]''
* ''Died: [[1582]]''
* ''Titles: Owari no kami, Kazusa no suke, Udaijin (1577) Sadaijin (1578), Daijô daijin (1578)''
* ''Childhood Name: Kipposhi''
* Japanese: 織田信長 ''(Oda Nobunaga)''

This is the result:

  • Born: 1534
  • Died: 1582
  • Titles: Owari no kami, Kazusa no suke, Udaijin (1577) Sadaijin (1578), Daijô daijin (1578)
  • Childhood Name: Kipposhi
  • Japanese: 織田信長 (Oda Nobunaga)

  • Some people changed thier names later in life (particularly members of the Shinsengumi, in this case, thier "original" name should be listed as such, under "Original name".

Any missing information should be left out completely, unless it is officially established that the information is unknown.

The Body of the Article

The biography should have at least one heading if there is going to be a "xyz in Fiction" section at the bottom:

==The Life of Brian==

(Brian's biography)


==Brian in Fiction==


* ''film name'' Year


* ''Show Name'' Year

===Other Appearances===

* (TV or Movies where the historical figure is a corallary or guest character)

And so on.

Other Notes

  • All Wiki Biography tites for Japanese entries will be listed as family name first. Titles (i.e. Iga no kami) will not be included in the article title, but in the biographical details summary above the article.
  • There should be two spaces between the data heading at the top of an article and the body of text, and one space between the body of text and the references.