Hachisuka Masakatsu

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  • Born: 1526
  • Died: 1586
  • Title: Shûri-Daibu
  • Japanese: 蜂須賀正勝 (Hachisuka Masakatsu)

Masakatsu originally ruled a small fief in Miyashiro in Owari province and may have served the Saitô before joining the Oda some time before 1566. He fought at Anegawa and elsewhere for Oda Nobunaga and later pledged his loyalty to Toyotomi Hideyoshi and received a stipend of 10,000 koku. He is said to have been of particular use to Hideyoshi in his construction of the 'One Night Castle' at Sunomata in 1567, though if this incident even occurred is a matter of debate among historians.