Gienjugo nikki

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  • Dates: 1596-1626
  • Japanese: 義演准后日記 (Gienjugô nikki)

The Gienjugô nikki is the diary of Gien, also known as Jugô, the 80th abbot of Sanbô-in, a branch of the temple of Daigo-ji in Fushimi. Gien recorded events of the years 1596 to 1626 in 62 volumes.

Some of the events described include the reconstruction of the main garan (central arrangement of buildings) at Daigo-ji, the revival of certain prayers and austerities practiced by the monks, and the compilation of the history of the temple. It also contains valuable mentions of the temple's interactions with, and other events pertaining to, figures such as Tokugawa Ieyasu, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Toyotomi Hideyori, as well as serving as a valuable source for both political (secular) and Buddhist history otherwise.

The text has been published as part of the Shiryô henshû series. The original manuscripts are still held by Sanbô-in, and have been designated an Important Cultural Property.