First Battle of Konodai

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Taking advantage of Hojo preoccupation with a dispute with the Imagawa, the Satomi and Ashikaga gathered an army to attack the Hojo's Musashi outposts. Ujitsuna hastily assembled troops from Izu and Sagami, pausing to assemble them at Edo before moving on to Konodai. There, the Satomi and Ashikaga forces were set upon and defeated with relative ease, resulting in Ashikaga's death and a Hojo pursuit of the Satomi onto the Boso Peninsula.

  1. This Ashikaga Yoshiaki is not the same Yoshiaki who accompanied Oda Nobunaga into Kyoto in 1568. This Ashikaga Yoshiaki was the younger brother of the Koga Kubo, Ashikaga Takamoto.