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Daishôji han was an Edo period domain ruled by the Maeda clan. It was established in 1639 by Maeda Toshitsune, who split off the territory from his own Kaga domain, creating a new branch domain, which he gave to his third son Maeda Toshiharu. Located within Kaga province, the domain had a kokudaka of 70,000 koku.

The domain's territory covered some 133 villages in Enuma district (gun), as well as Kutani Village and another six villages in neighboring districts. Kutani became the center of a distinctive style of ceramics - Kutani wares - which remain among the most famous Japanese pottery styles today. Kutani wares were created originally at Toshiharu's orders.

The domain's Edo mansion was located adjacent to that of Kaga domain, and its former location is today home to the University of Tokyo School of Medicine.

Following the abolition of the han in 1871, the territory was briefly redesignated Daishôji prefecture, before being absorbed into Ishikawa prefecture.

Selected List of Lords

1. Maeda Toshiharu
9. Maeda Toshiyuki
12. Maeda Toshiyoshi (d. 1855)
13. Maeda Toshimichi
14. Maeda Toshika


  • Stele at former site of Daishôji domain's Edo mansion, today the University of Tokyo School of Medicine.[1]