Daidoji Masashige

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  • Birth: 1533
  • Death: 1590
  • Titles: Suruga no Kami

Masashige was the son of Daidoji Suruga no kami Shigeoki. He was one of Hôjô Ujimasa's chief advisors and came to hold authority over both Kawagoe in Musashi and Matsuida in Kôzuke. He was present for the Battles of Mimasetoge (1582) and Kanagawa (1582) and was one of those that urged Hôjô Ujinao to both resist Hideyoshi and avoid an open battle. Following the fall of Odawara, Masashige was made to commit suicide for having advocated the course Ujinao chose. His 4th son Naotsugu eventually became a retainer of Tokugawa Iemitsu. Sons: Naoshige, Naotsugu