Battle of Ichi no Tani


Following their expulsion from the capital, the Taira operated Ichi no Tani as a forward base to both guard the approaches to western Japan and perhaps to facilitate some future counter-attack. Minamoto Yoshitsune and Noriyori were dispatched by their elder brother Yoritomo to reduce this stronghold, and split up for the task. Yoshitsune headed to the north of Ichi no Tani and took Mikusayama while Noriyori assaulted Ikuta no mori (held by Taira Tomomori) - just to the east of the main Taira base. With the Taira attentions diverted by Noriyori's actions, Yoshitsune was able to maneuver into a position to launch a surprise attack on Ichi no Tani itself. Leading his men in a daring charge down a steep cliff that the enemy had not bothered to guard, Yoshitsune put the Taira to flight and won the first of his trio of famous victories against the doomed Taira.