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* [[Shinchoko-ki|The Shinchokoki]]
* [[Sengoku Jinmei Jiten]]
[[Category:Samurai]][[Category:Sengoku Period]]
[[Category:Samurai]][[Category:Sengoku Period]]

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  • Death: 1615
  • Other name: Dan'emon

Ban Naoyuki commanded teppo troops under Kato Yoshiakira, and was given a stipend of 350 koku for his services in the Korean campaigns. He had a falling out with Yoshiakira around Sekigahara, and worked for various daimyo after that, eventually becoming a monk. He left the priesthood in 1614 to join the Toyotomi side during the winter siege of Osaka castle, and was killed in battle in Izumi province in 1615 while fighting against Asano Nagaakira.