Ashikaga clan

  • Japanese: 足利(Ashikaga-shi)

The Ashikaga clan held the position of Shôgun and Kamakura Kubô (which would later become the position of Koga Kubô).

Kamakura and Koga Kubô

The Ashikaga of the Kanto were tasked with maintaining the authority of the Ashikaga shôgun in that region and at first resided at Kamakura. They were known as the Kamakura Kubô and traditionally relied on the support of the Uesugi clan, who were Kanto Kanrei, or Deputy Shôgun for the Kanto. In 1449 Ashikaga Shigeuji (1438?-1531) became Kamakura Kubô and had Uesugi Noritada as his deputy. Shigeuji became concerned by the influence of the Uesugi and at length had Noritada murdered. The two main branches of the Uesugi, the Ogigayatsu and Yamanouchi, the latter supported by the Nagao of Echigo, went to war with Shigeuji and his followers. Although Shigeuji held his own in various battles in Sagami and elsewhere, Kamakura was taken and burned by Imagawa Noritada in 1455 and the Ashikaga Kubô afterwards resided in Shimosa province and became known as the Koga Kubô. When the Hôjô began to make advances into the Kanto in the early 16th Century, the Ashikaga allied with the Uesugi to challenge them. The Kubô position came to an effective end with the defeat and capture of Ashikaga Haruuji in 1554.

Kamakura Kubô

Ashikaga clan (Kamakura Kubô)
  1. Ashikaga Motouji
  2. Ashikaga Ujimitsu
  3. Ashikaga Mitsukane
  4. Ashikaga Mochiuji
  5. Ashikaga Shigeuji

Koga Kubô

Ashikaga clan (Koga Kubô)
  1. Ashikaga Shigeuji
  2. Ashikaga Masauji
  3. Ashikaga Takamoto
  4. Ashikaga Haruuji
  5. Ashikaga Yoshiuji
  6. Ashikaga Fujiuji
  7. Ashikaga Ujinohime

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